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Post by CassiusRocknRoll on Sat Dec 24, 2011 4:15 am

At the start of the season the VIKINGS draft phenom RB Thomas Hayes in the
1st round of the draft. Hayes was beastmoding and leading the league in rushing with over 800 yards, then tragedy strikes and Hayes goes down in trap loss game to the Lions with a Dislocated hip, bummer I know. So then the Vikings coaches turn to vet RB REGGIE BUSH, ask him to take over like USC days. So Reggie steps up mawling all that stand in his way for a chance at the playoffs.

Now during this time the Vikings organization is struggling to get into the playoffs, with the departure of Larry Fitzgerald to New Orleans , the WR duties were handed over to the Alabama King Julio Jones. Now, Late in the season with the Vikings struggling to stay in the playoff hunt Reggie BUSH starts to let off the gas, and his production drops. rumbles in the locker room say that he was unhappy with his role, and that he was upset that The organization drated a RB in the first round.

In a crucial game against the Titans Reggie Bush goes down with a Fractured toe injury, and all the Vikings were left with was Tim Hightower and some guy from the practice squad. As you can imagine panic insues! Both RBs that the offense revolves around will be out for the remaining games of the regular season when the last games are vital to making the playoff push and getting MIKE VICK long awaited Lombardi trophy. OUT OF ALL THE DARKNESS HOVERING OVER THE VIKINGS a Legend was born....Mario Yates. A rookie sitting on the coach in his living room sown on his luck , seemingly had gotten released by a Stupid GM. Gets a call from Coach RocknRoll. Tell s him we need him to show up, suit up, and take the keys to the Bently of a team. So that's exactly what Mario Yates does , on the road at Texans RELIANT STADIUM he gallops for 231 yards on 19 carries. Showing the team (whoever it was ) that released him that he was not going no where! This is the Rise of Mario Yates 67ovr 94spd 94trk C potential. Will be a star one day.

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Post by VanillaSmooth on Sun Dec 25, 2011 4:27 am

Very good write up!!

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