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How to stop ThaNextOne (TEXANS) run game

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How to stop ThaNextOne (TEXANS) run game

Post by GREENERRRR on Wed Dec 14, 2011 6:54 pm

TheNextONe probaly run the toss better than anyone i have seen - and he has the best RB in the game to do it (FREEMAN) - but its easily countered (well not to easy - took me 3 quarters to cpome up with adjustment because the standard adjustments i generally used werent working)...

His entire run is based on TOSS - COUNTER action (the general priciple says "if the defense is in man = run TOSS to the strong side... if he is in zone = run COUNTER to weakside) but he will mix it up... - generally if u play a COVER 2 (with CB in the flat that have decent pursuit) - they will turn in any TODD play and your LB will make the fill tackle on any cut backs - thats why he would look to run CONTER because the weakside LB often takes an over pursue angle and he can cut inside of hgim - than outside to the endzone - and if he has a motioning wr - the WR canty block down on the Weakisde back making teh play even easier to execute...

what i did to stop this:

1 Play a 3- 4 defense...

2 Sub in RUNSTOPPING DL (if you dont have BIG runbstopping DE - sub DT in for them and be damned on what the overall rating says - no sense having a 255 pound DE playn 3 or 4 technique at DE - he will just get blown away by the Guard and Tackle - its an easy mismatch block for even a medicore OL) - its best to have DL that have STRENGTH - BLOCKSHED and SIZE to play this poistion - WHAT THIS DOES IS STOP ANY INSIDE RUNS THAT HE MAY TRY TO DO - he only tried to run a couple on me (but i have monstor run stopping DL) - but if u can show he cant get any yards between the tackles - HE WILL GIVE UP RUNNING THERE... so sub in youyr BIG HOGS and let them do what they do best...

3 Sub in LB and SAFETIES with high pursuit and awareness - the next important ratings are speed and hitpower (nice to get some fumbles)

4 Shift your LBs to the strong side (he usually ran from the strong formation) - so that is generally the TE side of teh field... - but take control of the WEAKSIDE LB and sift him way to the outside (like 9+ technique) - dont worry about 6 - 7 responsibility - thats covered in next adjustment... The key is have this LB wide so he can attack thye counter UNTOUCHED and any motioning WR will have a tuff blocking angle...

5 Shift the DL to the weakside this will put your weakside DE (who is a really a DT in 6 technique - head up on tackle - the NT and other DE should be in 2 teqniue on oppisite guards) - they are still in good position to stop any insiude runs - and help out on the counter (but wont be amble to make any play on the toss BUT WHO CARES - THEY WOULDNT ANYWAYS WITH THE SPEED OF FREEMAN! besides the 3 other LBs, CB and Safety on that side will be looking to stop the toss...

6 move the Strong side safetly wider and cloer toi the LOS - so he can help attack the toss (ideally the CB has primary Contain - OLB & S is HARD primary FILL... Strong side LB is looking for CUTBACK and the weakside MLB is cleaning up garbage and helping to stop any INSUIDE RUNS with the 3 DL)...

This is the adjustment i made in his last series - (game was tied with 2 minutes left - and he went 3 and out - giving the opportuinity to win the game in my fianl drive)... It worked perfectly...

* the key to this is the DL being able to stop teh inside run in a 3-4 defense - which can be hartd to do - but if you have teh run stopping hogs it can be done - regardless - this adjustment will stop his TOSS - COUNTER dominate gameplan...
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Re: How to stop ThaNextOne (TEXANS) run game

Post by chizz522 on Wed Dec 14, 2011 7:28 pm

Good Write bro. Wish we had more activity like this

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