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Complete Listing of Madden 12 CONTROLS

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Complete Listing of Madden 12 CONTROLS

Post by GREENERRRR on Thu Nov 24, 2011 12:55 pm



Hold X/A = hurry to line
L3 = quiet crowd
R2/RT = view play

R-stick left/right on most running plays = flip run to the other side
Square/X = formation audibles (+ square/X to see more audibles)
Square/X, then R2/RT = flip the entire play

D-pad down = offensive line shifts menu

D-pad up = receiver hot route menu
L2/LT or R2/RT after calling a hot route = selected player block left or right
R3 after calling a hot route = selected player runs route past 1st down marker

Circle/B = select player to send in motion by cycling through them
Hold circle/B + D-pad/L-stick = select player to send in motion
D-pad left or right after selecting receiver to send in motion = motion left or right

R1/RB = fake snap to try to draw defense off sides
X/A = snap the ball

QB controls

Pass icon = throw to receiver (tap for lob, hold for bullet pass)
L-stick + pass icon = lead receiver
R1 = pump fake
L2/LT + pass icon = pump fake to specific receiver
R-stick up/down/left/right while controlling the QB in the pocket = QB evade
R3 = throw the ball away

R2/RT + L-stick = QB scramble
Pass icon while scrambling = throw on the run to receiver (you must hold R2/RT all the way through throwing motion)
L2/LT + R-stick = moves closest receiver in direction you want
Tap square/X with QB past line of scrimmage = feet first slide
Hold square/X with QB past line of scrimmage = head first dive

After the ball is thrown

Circle/B = switch to receiver
Triangle/Y = catch
Square/X = diving catch

Hurry up offense

Triangle/Y after a play and before the play calling screen = hurry up offense
Circle/B after a play and before the play calling screen = spike the ball

Ball carrier controls

R2/RT = sprint
R1/RB = protect ball
Triangle/Y = hurdle
Circle/B = spin
Tap X/A = switch ball to other arm
Hold X/A = stiff arm
Square/X = dive
Square/X = leap over line in short yardage situations
L2/LT = pitch

R-stick up = truck
R-stick up, then rotate diagonally up left/right = protect the ball from oncoming hits
R-stick down = high step
R-stick left/right = juke left/right
R-stick left then right, or right then left = double juke move
R-stick quarter circle down after juke or double juke = spin

Hold circle/B inside the 10 yard line while in the clear = hold ball/arm up in celebration
Square/X when crossing the goal line = celebratory leap


Before the snap

R2/RT = show the play
Circle/B or X/A = switch players by cycling through them
Circle/B or X/A + D-pad/L-stick = switch players
L2/LT = show pre-snap assignment for player chosen
L3 = pump up crowd

Square/X = audible
D-pad down = defensive hot route for player chosen
D-pad left = defensive line shifts (+ D-pad) or adjustments (+ R-stick)
D-pad right = linebacker shifts (+ D-pad) or adjustments (+ R-stick)
D-pad up = defensive back shifts (+ D-pad) or adjustments (+ R-stick)
Receiver icon after D-pad up = individual DB shifts (+ D-pad) or receiver spotlight (+ circle/B)

After the snap

R2/RT = sprint
L2/LT = strafe
X/A = defensive assist
Circle/B = switch players
Square/X = dive
Triangle/Y = go for pick
L1/LB while ball is in the air = defend pass
L1/LB while tackling = strip ball
R-stick up while tackling = hit stick high
R-stick down while tackling = hit stick low

Hold square/X after a turnover = go down to the ground while securing the ball

While being blocked

Triangle/Y = hands up to block pass
R-stick left or right = finesse move
R-stick down = power move


Triangle/Y = call for fair catch
R3 on kickoff returns = kneel in endzone (can be pressed before player catches ball)
Circle/B button instead of X/A button on kickoffs = surprise onside kick
Square/X, then L1 before the kick on kickoff returns = switch to a recover onside kick formation
Square/X, then L2 before the kick on kickoff returns = switch to normal kick return formation
Hold X/A on final button input when kicking = delay snap to disrupt oncoming rush

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