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Rule Change Suggestions

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Rule Change Suggestions

Post by ChadJ85Fan on Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:38 pm

I pretty much agree with all of the rules going along w/ Madden Group except for a few. It's obviously a very successful organization of madden franchises so they are doing stuff right. They are very fair and work very hard to keep it running as smoothly as it does, so don't take any of this the wrong way. I just made this thread so i can throw some different ideas out there to consider. Whether anything changes or not MG is still about as good as it gets for online franchises.

First questionable one i was going to ask about is the OT at TE idea, this is fine as long as it doesn't show up on the defenses screen as the OT being TEs. I think it might (or has in the past) which in that case would make it an unfair adv cuz the defense would not know this and come out in a smaller formation than needed. The idea of putting a OT at TE is fine, but maddens flaws make it an unfair adv if it shows up as "2 wr, 1 rb, 2 Tes" if theres actually 7 olineman out there, it completely changes what you are preparing for. But if it doesn't show them as TE's then i have no problem w/ that idea.

Next the field goal block rules I don't like at all. Fgs get blocked from all distances, not just long ones. I don't have a problem w/ trying to block them except for that there are way too many glitches making it possible to do so w/ relative ease. One being the play clock glitch, as soon as the play clock stops the kicking meter starts, making it way too easy to time. I get that you dont wanna get rid of them completely but until madden fixes all the issues, they just have no place in a sim franchise cuz there will be way too many of them (i'll prove it if the rule doesn't change lol). Also the cpu DOES block kicks on OCCASSION as it should, actually they probably block them the perfect amount, so theres no reason to let ppl user rush for the block when you cpu will do it for you a SIM amount of times. Out of the occasional times i haven't tried for the block in m12 i have 2 blocked kicks/xp when i was back by the goal post or not moving at all. It does happen it will still be part of the game so no reason to let ppl do it themselves a ridic # of times or make up a rule about distance which doesn't make a whole lotta sense imo.

Next qb drop back rule and lateral movement rule. In m10 i would agree this rule was needed as dropping back deep gave you an adv cuz throws were still basically perfect, even in m11 it was a little too easy to do that and scrambling w/ your qb from the snap was a piece of cake. But as the yearly maddens change and flaws get fixed rules need to be as well. First off this whole "you never see qbs do it irl" thing is nonsense last week i saw joe flacco and brady both drop back very far prolly 12+ yards, the issue is you can't just name times off the top of your head so ppl think it doesn't happen. It actually happens all the time where real life qbs do things we would consider unsim in madden, its just easier to say "name a time" and not have them come up with a specific example so you can rest easy believing it doesn't happen, if you watch for it on sundays you WILL SEE IT, esp if you watch like big ben/vick. On top of this it is no adv in m12 to drop back far, for those of you who haven't noticed throws far back from LOS almost always spikes to the ground or are often innaccurate and int'd. I challenge you to find me a successful passer who drops back 12+ yards in madden consistently, and let me play them, i promise you it can't work, theres no such thing, even the least sim of ppl in the lobby games don't do that cuz it makes you worse. So if you get a heavy rush and feel your best chance is to sprint back to try to make a play, by all means you should be allowed to, it is literally no more of an advantage at all in m12 than it is irl. Its simply a big risk that probably wont pan out but a chance someone might want to take in a crucial situation on blown blocking assignments. Also lateral movement for qbs has been cranked down a ton, its so much tougher to cut in the backfield or escape dlineman in this madden, sprinting out will not give you any adv either taht it wouldn't irl. On top of all of this the qb release has been slown way down to even if you escape temporarily you still have little time to decide since the releases are so long now. Basically im saying dropping back far, sprinting left right from snap, doesn't benefit you anymore in madden than it does irl, so who are we to say you shouldn't be allowed to do it? In past maddens it was needed, not anymore.

Finally 4th down rules, i think need to allow trying to close out a game, even if its at your own 46, 4th n inches/1/2 yards up by a td, thats not crazy to me. Also not crazy to bill belichick lol. These are the most frustrating rules to make cuz theres no way to come up with a specific formula that is sim and fair in every situation. But yea i would say at least add that if your at or past your own 40, up by 1 score and under 2 minutes left yo ucan go for 4th n 2 or shorter to try and basically win the game

So yea that took forever, those are my ideas lol.


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Re: Rule Change Suggestions

Post by Mcnair2wycheck on Wed Oct 05, 2011 2:27 pm

I like these ideas, especially the field goal blocking one. I agree that this one should change but if people don't want it to, might as well start using it to my advantage.


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