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Coverage Assignment (shading recievers)

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Coverage Assignment (shading recievers)

Post by GREENERRRR on Sun Sep 04, 2011 5:12 am

Hey guys, SnA ExclusiVe here. I just
wanted to post this because I know it slipped my mind when the game came
out, but remember, you can now do Individual Coverages on defense. This
means that you can spotlight (yes, the spotlight is back) one WR and
control how the DB over him plays against him.

Let's run through this for those who don't know what I'm talking about or haven't experimented with it yet.

First of all, to get to the Individual Coverage menu, hit up the d-pad, then hit A (X on PS3), then select the receiver you want to alter the coverage to, then here are your options:

Left on D-Pad: Shades your DB to the WR's left side, preventing slant routes or inside routes.

Right on D-Pad: Shades your DB to the WR's right side, preventing go routes, fade routes, etc.

Up on D-Pad: Backs your defender off, playing it safe (this is useful against guys like Andre Johnson who excel at beating the press)

on D-Pad:
Presses your CB. This is good if you have one corner (like
Jimmy Smith on the Ravens) who excels at Press Coverage and you want to
press only one receiver.

Hitting the A (X on PS3) button from this same screen spotlights the receiver also.

last thing, if you are in zone coverage and want to quickly assign your
DB's to man coverage on a receiver, use the following combination:

Up, A, (receiver button), and then either left or right on the D-pad.
I prefer to use left for the RCB (Right corner on your screen) and left
for the LCB (Left corner on your screen). You can also then either
press or back off your corners after doing this, and the rest of your
defense will remain in their zone coverage.
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Re: Coverage Assignment (shading recievers)

Post by dtigertron on Sun Sep 04, 2011 1:10 pm

I have played around with this a little. 2 major things keep me from going forward with it right now.

1 It switches you to the defender for that WR, if the other team snaps the ball and you don't want to be that defender, it can be difficult to get back to the guy you wanted to user control.

2 The CPU always snaps the ball before I can do a second Receiver or get back to the guy I want to user control.

Yes you can set more than one defender with this feature.

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