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Madden 12 Tips

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Madden 12 Tips

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 28, 2011 11:06 am

This article was written by our friend MOD at Madden-School and is being reproduced with his permission....

With Madden 12 rapidly approaching, we at madden-school decided to put up a few madden tips that have worked before and will help you prepare for this year’s game. Below is a list of the best madden 12 tips that we could give to you without already having a copy of the game.

Speed Kills

The most common team used by madden pro’s over the last 3 years have been the Oakland Raiders. During that time, they have never had a winning percentage over .500. They don’t have an elite QB, they don’t have spectacular overall player ratings and they aren’t thought of as a dominant team in the NFL. However, what they do have is lots of speed. If you look at the raiders position by position, they have more speed than any other team in madden 11. Based on the 2011 NFL Draft, they have acquired even more speed on both offense and defense. Like all other madden’s speed will be the most important player rating in madden 12.

Hit up practice mode

Most gamers never spend the time to find plays that work consistently. When you are in a game, you primary focus is winning. When you are in practice mode, your focus shifts to finding money plays that consistently work. In practice mode, you can play around with audibles, formations and personnel. If you find a play that you think works, you can run the play over and over against all different kinds of defenses. The more reps you get, the better you will be. Practice mode also gives you the advantage of instant replay. You can go back and take a look at why something worked or didn’t work. Maybe you missed a wide open receiver; maybe your offensive line just missed a block. Whatever the reason is, in practice mode you are able to sort it all out. After a good lab session in practice mode, you should head into an online madden 12 game with an entire offensive scheme that you are comfortable with.

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