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Unbumpable Routes!

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Unbumpable Routes!

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 07, 2011 1:16 pm

This article was made by our friends at Madden Bible

Are we being bumped? Which WR’s are being bumped? Why are they bumping us?

First, you must recognize if the defense IS playing bump and run. It is a strategy that good players use to bring pressure and throw off timing. “Pressing the WR” has been effective year after year in Madden. If the CB’s slide up close to your WR’s then that is a sign. Also if after the snap they seem to get “pressed” at the line thats another sign.

Bump and run is usually Man to Man.
However flat zones often bump to throw the WR off and let the WR run by into another zone (but his timing will be off)

Another reason the defense plays bump is because they are about to bring pressure.If you see the blitz coming, you want to make your hot read and get the ball out as soon as possible. So, you hike it and go to throw but the Defender is all over your WR which is legal within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. When your WR finally gets free (and often wide open) the pressure from the blitz is already there.

Why is bumping bad for the defense? It often comes without alot of safety help over the top. If the WR beats the bump and run, he is often wide open and the blitz won’t have arrived at the QB yet. Many big gains are made against bump and run when the WR is still able to get the ball early in his route.

Now, here is how to beat the bump!
Look to the RB’s
- RB’s dont start on the line of scrimmage, they are next to the QB so the defense physically can NOT bump them when the play starts. They can’t line someone up in your backfield to press him so they are off the hook! Look to leak the RB to where the blitz is coming from, OR keep him in to pick up the pressure and give your WR’s more time to get open.

Find routes that are hard to bump. – The C route in single back tight doubles WR corner is a money route. Instead of it running straight ahead to start (like almost every route, think about it) it takes a quick diagonal cut first. So when you hike it, you run left and the DB goes straight ahead to bump you but your already running away instead of AT Him!

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Re: Unbumpable Routes!

Post by GREENERRRR on Tue Aug 16, 2011 12:54 pm

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