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Top 5 WRs in Online Franchise

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Top 5 WRs in Online Franchise

Post by GREENERRRR on Fri Aug 05, 2011 6:38 am

Derek Adams (myleaguemanager.net) - analyzed the stats of all the players who had synced data to their site and was able to draw these conclusions

1. Calvin Johnson Jr.
69,611 Receptions
1,333,235 Yards
13,700 TDs Analysis: Does this come as a surprise? Not in my book. Calvin Johnson Jr. possesses all of the traits that a desired in a top Madden WR. Size, speed, hands, explosiveness. True Madden gold. What is very telling is his 19.1 yards per catch average. Having CJ on your team is a HUGE advantage.

2. Andre Johnson
70,218 Receptions
1,229,983 Yards
11,703 TDs Analysis: Another obvious. I think that if you asked the majority of Madden gamers who are the top 2 WRs in the game, both Calvin and Andre Johnson would show up. True stud.

3. Roddy White
65,224 Receptions
1,016,189 Yards
9,175 TDs Analysis: Roddy White is a beast. He makes every catch in Madden (and real life), has breakaway speed and elusiveness, and is a game changer. Is this a surprise here? I leave that to you.

The rest of this article can be viewed at:
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