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Top 10 CBs in Onlie Franchise

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Top 10 CBs in Onlie Franchise

Post by GREENERRRR on Fri Aug 05, 2011 6:30 am

Derek Adams (myleaguemanager.net) - analyzed the stats of all the players who had synced data to their site and was able to draw these conclusions

When thinking of the next round of Stick Skills Statistics, I wanted to serve up some content on players that are normally 100% computer (AI) controlled. I felt this would give a good representation of how well the virtual Madden athletes stack up against their real life counterparts with as minimal human interaction as possible.

The most obvious choice to fullfill my above criteria is cornerback. For 97.5% of Madden players out there, the cornerback is a position we leave almost entirely to the computer. When we do decide to take control of the cornerback, it is in that split second before the ball arrives and we want to try and make a play.

What makes a good cornerback in the NFL? A good cornerback in the NFL has the ability to take away one side of the field. A good cornerback can anticipate his mark's moves and routes and jump the play to make a deflection or interception. A good cornerback has an uncanny perception of what the quarterback is going to do before the quarterback even knows it.

All of these factors also make a good virtual Madden cornerback. Their ability to stay on their mark, not get beat deep, be in position and take away easy passes makes the life of a Madden gamer infinitely easier. Being in the right position for when we decide to switch over and make a play on the ball can mean the difference between a TD and an INT.

With that said, I analyzed the leagueManager statistical database to see who the best performing cornerbacks in Madden 11 online franchise are. As always, the results almost entirely mimic what the NFL Experts would say. Check it out.

1. Nnamdi Asomugha
42,996 Tackles
5,439 Interceptions
626 Forced Fumbles
Analysis: Asomugha, the hottest free agent in the real NFL market right now, is a highly coveted CB to have on your Madden team. Blessed with excellent press and man coverage, you can leave Nnamdi out on an island and trust he will keep his mark. Solid speed and excellent acceleration makes him a top choice in Madden. Oh yeah, his real life counterpart isn't too shabby either.

2. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
44,764 Tackles
5,100 Interceptions
537 Forced Fumbles
Analysis: Rodgers-Cromartie may be my favorite Madden cornerback. Incredible and un-matchable speed, acceleration, size, and man coverage makes him Madden gold. He is young and get's the job done. This would be high on this list if it was 100% NFL rankings, but in Madden I think this is right where it needs to be.

3. Darrelle Revis
44,719 Tackles
4,695 Interceptions
660 Forced Fumbles
Analysis: Considered by most the best cornerback in the real NFL right now, Revis is also a force to be respected in Madden. Excellent in man or zone coverage with great speed and athleticism, he may be the best overall cornerback in Madden. His play recognition, awareness and pursuit of the ball makes him worthy of his 99 overall status.

The rest of this article can bve viewed at:

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