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Top 5 tackling Machines!

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Top 5 tackling Machines!

Post by GREENERRRR on Fri Aug 05, 2011 6:25 am

Derek Adams (myleaguemanager.net) - analyzed the stats of all the players who had synced data to their site and was able to draw these conclusions

Round 6 of the leagueManager Stick Skills Statistical Series looks at the top 5 tackling machines in Madden 11 Online Franchise. This list stands true to what the NFL is all about and that is the MLB is the field general and is always around the ball. Four of the five guys in this list and MLBs, and the one that is not has previously been a MLB his entire career. Check out the list below for details and as always we love to see your comments, questions, and analysis.

1. Patrick Willis
77,066 Tackles
3,914 Sacks
2,711 Interceptions
1,966 Forced Fumbles
Analysis: Let's just crown the man now, Patrick Willis is THE BEST defensive player in Madden. Over 10,000 more tackles than the #2 man in this list, Patrick Willis is an incredibly dominant force on the Madden gridiron. With 90+ speed, incredible acceleration, pursuit, block shedding, awareness and tackle ratings, Willis is always around the ball carrier and in the backfield creating havoc. He should follow up his Madden 11 performance in Madden 12 and continue to be the most feared defender on the field.

2. Jon Beason
66,976 Tackles
3,095 Sacks
2,268 Interceptions
1,488 Forced Fumbles
Analysis: Jon Beason, former MLB, now sits on the OLB position for the Carolina Panthers. My theory is many Madden gamers don't agree with the Panthers coaching staff and have stuck him back in the middle. He has all the skills to completely shut down the middle of the field as a field general. Great blitzing and run stopping ability make him a prototypical MLB, and I believe his numbers here represent that.

3. Brian Urlacher
66,778 Tackles
2,587 Sacks
2,525 Interceptions
1,170 Forced Fumbles
Analysis: Urlacher is a scary, scary man who has been the head of a Bears defense for a long time. Still with a lot in his tank, he has the ability to completely control the middle of the field. His sack and forced fumble numbers don't match up with the #1 and #2 on this list, but he is a wrap up tackler who does not let a ball carrier out of his grasp. Tack on the fact that he retires earlier in the life of your Madden franchise than Beason and Willis makes his presense this high on the list impressive.

the rest of the article can be view at:

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