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10 Steps to Madden Bliss

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10 Steps to Madden Bliss

Post by GREENERRRR on Mon Aug 01, 2011 3:12 am

Written by our friends at MaddenUniversit - TNT713

In my personal experience through more than 6000 online games I have learned several lessons about what it takes to fully enjoy playing Madden. Being able to compete is paramount, but being competitive isn't an overnight thing. There are no shortcuts to excellence. It takes effort, dedication, attention to detail, the proper mental perspective, and support.

Before November 2002, I thought I was a good Madden player. I could consistently beat all of my friends who were Madden fans, while crushing new challengers who were not. Then I played my first online game, got ripped 56-3, and I realized my thoughts about my skills were unduly inflated.

While I enjoyed playing Madden, I didn't enjoy losing. To avoid similar losses I sought the support of players with similar challenges. The solutions suggested were less than I'd hoped in many cases. The goals of players with similar challenges were different than my own. So I set off to find the path to better Madden performance.

In the NFL, I knew players spent the week leading up to a game preparing for their specific opponent, but I wasn't sure how to prepare for Madden games against Play Now competitors. While lifting weights wouldn't do me much good, I knew that perfecting my technique and being critical of my practices was a good place to start. The chore became figuring out which training methods were applicable to Madden, but once I found methods that worked my abilities increased.

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