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Madden Online Communities for 12!

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Madden Online Communities for 12!

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 26, 2011 3:42 am

Madden NFL 12 will allow you and up to 2000 other like-minded gamers to create or join a Community where you can play head-to-head games against each other. All games will be ranked on your Community Leaderboard, individual stats will all be tracked and ranked, and recent game results will be displayed for your entire Community to see. What makes Communities different is that the creator of the Community will be able to create Community “house rules”. Every single game option and slider in Madden NFL 12 will be editable and will apply to all head-to-head games within your Community. If you want to create a sim-football Community that plays 15 minute quarters on All-Madden with no accelerated clock, go for it. If you work long hours like myself and just want to play quick games with your brother across the country you can set your house rules to three minute quarters, turn the game speed all the way up, and turn up CPU AI blocking. Our goal was simple: give the gamers the power to create the experience they really want.

to see the long winded and complete version of this - clcik linbk below:



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