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5 Common way to Lose in Madden

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5 Common way to Lose in Madden

Post by GREENERRRR on Sat Jul 23, 2011 10:17 pm

this article is from our friends at MaddenBible - aithor is ZFarls & Sgibs

Here are some key points which will cost average players Madden games against higher level players. If you consistently make these mistakes, you will be destined to your current level and will have trouble beating top competition.

1. Getting Away From Your Gameplan -

If you don’t play with set audibles and some type of consistent set’s of plays then you are going to lose many games. Even if the game is going well early, you will be more apt to make drastic changes and pick a random play in a big spot. Our Detroit O-book is a full scheme which not only gives you plays, but explains what situation to use them in AND what to look for to make sure you call the right play. Ideally a scheme will build off everything you do before. If you are frantically changing and not setting up your opponent, you will struggle to win games.

2. Turnovers -

Do you constantly press the recievers button and say “pick”? Well, if you know that the pass is going to be in tight coverage than why are you throwing it? Look sometimes you bobble the pass or the Qb’s acc is off, but a good chunk of the time you throw risky passes and aren’t shocked when they get intercepted. Turnovers in this game will destroy you. You can withstand a fumble or 2 but any good player will capatilize on these turnovers and put the game away early.

3. Mismanagment Of Clock -

This will end up costing you valuable points. Whether you run out of time OR leave your opponent too much time, you need to be aware of all situations that can occur. You must know the score, timeout situation and clock. I have seen too many drives end before the half where players look for one extra play instead of taking the 3 points. I know field goals aren’t as sexy as getting a nice touchdown, but those points especially just before a half can be huge. Also if you don’t really have a chance to score and throw a pick, you will lose too often.

The remaining of the article can be viewed at:

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