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Tecmo Super Bowl Lessons For Madden 11!

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Tecmo Super Bowl Lessons For Madden 11!

Post by GREENERRRR on Mon Jul 18, 2011 8:24 pm

article has been provided with the permission of our friends at MaddenBible - author is ZFarls

Tecmo Superbowl for NES is the greatest football game ever made hands down. It was created back in 1991 and is a tremendously balanced game which is STILL played today and stands the test of time. For new football players, tecmo teaches us lessons that can be carried over to Madden 10 and help us take our game to the next level.

Lesson 1Make everything look the same!

Tecmo had the ability to customize your playbook. Certain plays had motion before the play which could alert your opponent to what you were calling before the snap. Therefore, there were 8 slots for plays and there were 8 great plays to fill in. These plays looked very similar and had singleback with 3wr and a te. This allowed you to have an upscreen run, down screen run and 2 passes which your opponent couldn’t tell the difference between. You also had 2 shotgun passes and a run and pass play out of 2 back. If you left in a silly motion play or play action, your opponent could pick up on that tendency and it could cost you in a big moment!

Lesson 2- Get in your opponents head

To call a play in tecmo, you had 8 options. The defense would choose whatever play the offense called. If the defense selected the same play as the offense, you would get some instant pressure. This created a tremendous guessing game of game theory at the play call screen. In long pass situations, you had 2 shotgun plays which you were likely to call.

The defense would likely call one of those 2 shotgun plays, and right before the snap if the QB was in gun, you knew you had a 50/50 chance of getting pressure. This dynamic led to people picking whatever play they thought the defense wouldn’t pick, but then the defense would adjust! It was a great system where you had a 1/8 chance of getting great pressure, but the actual percentage was higher because you learned what the offense liked to call.

In Madden – you need to look for certain tendencies or formations. I really like to focus on screen formations as they are a good way for my opponent to beat pressure. If I know he is in a potential screen formation, I really key in on that play because it can quickly throw a wrench into his plans. He probably goes to this play quick, but as soon as you lock it up, he will be hesitant to call it again as he knows it can hurt him. Screens often foil my quick pressure plans, but as soon as you pick one with a contained lineman, all bets are off from an offense standpoint.

to view remainder of the article - CLICK LINK BELOW:

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