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Post Fantasy draft period to ensure guys are CAP COMPLIANT

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Post Fantasy draft period to ensure guys are CAP COMPLIANT

Post by GREENERRRR on Sun Jul 17, 2011 4:52 pm

A question boltsbbound asked got me thinking about a possible workaround - (which may not even be needed depending on how well our partner at myleaguemanager manages the salary cap)... - but it is conceivable that owners may get themselves in a SALARY CAP PROBLEM - by not coinsidering SALARIES when they draft their FANTASY DRAFT PLAYERS and they could be in trouble even before the season starts...

A players SALARY and the remaining years left on his current contract are something we ALL NEED TO CONSIDER WHEN WE ARE SELECTING OUR PLAYERS IN THE FANTASY DRAFT... nevertheless; i think it may be prudent to have a 3-5 day period after the fantasy draft to allow for POST FANTASY DRAFT TRANSACTIONS...

During this 3-5 day period, players will NOT need to be CAP COMPLIANT - but at the end of that period THEY WILL BE EXPECTED TO BE 100% CAP COMPLIANT... This way after the fantasy draft, if an owner finds himself in a position where he is in a SALARY CAP PICKLE - he has 3-5 days to make trades to make his team CAP COMPLIANT... This will avoid FIRESALE of players just to become within the cap... Guys will have this time period to find REASONABLE deals that will help him out of the situation he is in (and also benefit the players who have been more FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE with their salary cap)

Of course if myleaguemanager has a way we can know the salaries of players before we draft (which from what i understand is the case) and have a running total of the effect of players salaries on our salary cap as we select players in the fantasy draft - The need for this period will be less - but may still be a good idea to consider - what do you guys think? .

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Re: Post Fantasy draft period to ensure guys are CAP COMPLIANT

Post by boltssbbound on Wed Jul 20, 2011 7:59 pm

i think this period isnt a bad idea, but i think it should be relatively short, especially if salaries can be seen as we draft


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