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What is Iniside Out Return IOR? & why is it illegal?

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What is Iniside Out Return IOR? & why is it illegal?

Post by GREENERRRR on Fri Jul 08, 2011 6:19 am

Discription of the Iniside Out Kick Return (IOR):
The returner angles away from his called sdeline return for the 1st dozen steps (towards the middle of the field) -THE RETURNER THAN REVERSES HIS FIELD AND RUNS PARALLELL TO THE LINE OF SCRIMAGE (90 degree cut - or up to approxiamtely 65 degerees) to the out-side (or sometimes even slightly backwards) FOR 6-8 STEPS - the AI of the coverage team - runs with an angle of pursuit to attack the retrurners initial first 12 steps which are towards the middle of the field (because the returner does an abrupt change to his return angle, all the coverage guys are not in position to make a play)... This often gives a CLEAR PATH to the end zone - (due to the clear breakdown in discipline by the coverage team...)

you can find a video example of the IOR in the link below at approximately 2:07 into the video:


what makes the IOR return successful is the abrupt and drastic change in directio0n of the returner - Unless you are controlling a defender to the side of the IOR cuts to (and maintain your lane and contain responsibility) - the IOR is hugely successful...

Granted the IOR has been patched and is TUNED DOWN signifdicantly since SEPT - but it still exists - without such a rule there would be 20-25 guys in each LG who break the all time NFL record for most KRs for TD's in a season - THIS RECORD IS 6 (and has only happened twice in the history of the game) - when considering this, it
makes it obvious that IOR rule is needed in a SIM LG (although i am told its fixed for Madden 12 - which will be a big relief)...

I understand this is a controversal rule - and not everyomne agrees with it - The MG welcomes ist members to posts any an all thoughts on the topic - both for and against the rule...
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Re: What is Iniside Out Return IOR? & why is it illegal?

Post by Mcnair2wycheck on Wed Sep 07, 2011 12:39 pm

I'm guessing this rule is gone for 12? In my experience so far, returning is extremely difficult and the extreme advantage of the IOR doesn't even exist anymore.


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