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Less than 8 Simple Rules FINALIZED!

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Less than 8 Simple Rules FINALIZED!

Post by GREENERRRR on Wed Jul 06, 2011 11:55 am

These will be the rules we will play our final Madden 11 season under - we were even able to keep it under our guidline of 8 rules! Ty forthe contributions to the rules list thread - 4 of Madden Group's members suggestions have been implemented!!!

1) PUNT RULE - You must punt when the ball on 4th down if it is in your end...
unlesss a) your behind in the 4th quarter...
b) your behind 3 scores or more anytime...

2) QB is PROHIBITED from doing UNREALISTICLY LONG DROP BACKS AND SPRINT OUTS (on pass plays that are designed for being thrown from a standard pocket)... A QB cannot drop back farther than 12 yards from the Line of scrimage... The QB cannot move laterally (as a preplanned sprint out) more than 3 yards outside of the pocket in pass plays that are designed to be thrown from a standard pocket...

note - the LATERAL movement does not apply to ON THE FLY QB scrambles - but the distanced dropped back in the pocket applies regardless of pressure and scrambling ability...

3) You must PASS RUSH a minimum of 2 players EVERY PLAY (that means no "gay" defense)... You are prohibited from moving a Defensive Linemen off the Line of Scrimage (to a traditional LB starting position) before the snap... If you want to play with less DL and more LBs or DBs than call a defense that has such a strategy implemented ...

note: DE that are given a "contain" responsibility are considered pass rushers...

4) Players played out of position must be REASONABLE and SIM like... (the most obvious example is that u cant play Ofensive players on defense and vice versa) unless in an EMERGENCY SITUATION where injuries and fatigies demands this switch from a depth chart perspective... The acceptable changes of positions are as follows:

HB to FB cant have a speed greater than 89...
HB to WR they cannot be in the depth chart higher than #3 position.
TE to FB cant have a speed greater than 89...
TE to SLOT, SPLIT-END or FLANKER - must be an "isnide reciever"
OT to TE, G or C
G to OT or C
C to G or OT

DE to OLB or DT
DT to DE
OLB to DE or MLB
SS to FS, CB OR OLB cant be greater than 88 speed @ OLB...
FS to SS or CB
CB to FS or SS

5) Mix your plays up...We all have our "go to" plays - aka MONEY PLAYS but dont over use any one play... The exception being BASIC FUNDEMENTAL PLAYS that are "main stays" of all ofenses (example - dives, offtackle or sweeps... and blitz counter passes) - if a defense dictates that a bliitz counter pass be used b/c the defense continues to BLITZ - the offense is not responsible to mix it up as his play call is actually dictated by what the defnese calls...

6) The use of known GLITCHES and ILLEGAL BLITZES (aka NANO BLITZES) blitzes is prohibited... Examples of such things are Spy Glitch, Inside Out Return aka IOR, Motion Glitch or stacking your MLB directly behind a DL... These Kind of plays will be updated on an ongoing basis (new glitches and nanos present themselves all the time) - we will provide specific written discription of each and where possible video footage of the play...

note - there are many BLITZES that may appear as "NANO " blitzes to some - while others see them sound strategy... A blitz will be determined ILLEGAL if there is no reasonable easy way to defend the blitz (after falling victim to a BLITZ - a player should easily be able to find its counter on subsequent plays) - iof this counter is not relatively obviosu and easy to implement - than its an ILLEGAL BLITZ....

7) If you manually move (aka joystick move) any player b4 the snap - U MUST PLAY WITH THAT PLAYER! (u can shift players into various positions as much as you like)... Once you manually move a player around for any reasoin - THATS THE PLAYER U HAVE TO CONTROL... (Many NANO's are "set up" with multiple presnap movements of players - this ruley instantly elliminates this tactic)

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