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Dont listen to the LIES!

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Dont listen to the LIES!

Post by GREENERRRR on Tue Jul 05, 2011 6:11 pm

Its been brought to my atttention that a few of the guys who have left the MG and who have started their own thing have been targeting guys who post on our website - specificly they are telling these pLayers that the MG is in jeopardy of failing and is not a true SIM place to play - NOTHING COULD BE FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH...

1st off i want to publicly wish th 3 LGs that broke away the BEST OF LUCK (there are quality people in those LGs and i hope for nothing but the best for them) Besides, the Madden Online Franchise pie is a big one - they are more than welcome to try and cut tyhemselves a slice...

The guys that left the MG - were long overdue - we didnt like the way they did things and they werent happy either - so from that perspective it made sense to split... If you want to hear the specific storey - there is a thread in this section that explains it (i wont re-hash old news)...

But since we removed this group of naysayers from the MG - we have become stronger than ever!!!! We have developed direct referal relationships with the guys at 5 Non-Draft Lgs... So sure we lost some guys who didnt do anything positive for the MG but we added double the number in guys who are great members who are EAGER to play and are completely SIM through our new refferal partnerships...

This refferal partnership we created is only going to grow and blossom as Madden 12 approaches - The MG will continue to do what it does best - RUN GREAT FANTASY DRAFT LGs (I cant believe the # of guys from our refferal patner's LGs who have not been able to get in a quality, 32 player Fantasy Draft LG that lasts!!!!) - We certainly can provide them with that experience - Its what we do best!!! At the same time many of our members have wanted to join in NON-DRAFT Leagues, we will reciprocate these refferals by sending MG members to them! its a complete WIN - WIN!

not to mention our SISTER organization The MLB the SHOW GROUP has almost 400 members! These are AVID sports games fan - I have no doubt that a large number of the players within this group will want to play Madden in August (which is the completion time for our LGs in the show)

bottom line - i wanted to make this post to warn any members about the DESPERATE ACTS of a few people who are targeting our MG members - I am really surpised that they woul resort to such blatant lies (as my LG has been full for weeks and without any real active solicitation - our Madden 12 leagues have started to fill up!) - I hope things work out over in this rouge group; Not for the benefit of the leadership but for the benfit of the quality people who are playing there - nothing worse than spending 3 hours on a draft and an entire season managing a team and see the LG fail - We have the track record in the MG to show that our LGs last - I hope they can have similar success - but if they are desperate enough to lie in such a way to MG members - this is not a good sign...
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