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Post by Admin on Sun Aug 01, 2010 11:49 pm

To add a bit of excitement to the `dog days` of franchise play... We will be partnering with the Madden School (MS) in a RANKING SYSTEM - this ranking will based on games played between DECLARED SIM PLAYERS (you can declare your SIM playing status at the Madden School thread titled `Directory of SIM players`- link bottom of page)...

After you play a game vs an opponent in the SIM directory (in online franchise play or exhibition) you record the game in `sim results`area of the Madden School forums... Be sure to record any `details` of the game that MAY effect ranking (in online franchise play - it may be injuries to key players or in an exhibition gm perhaps you played with a lower ranked team - there could be many factors) - If you feel they had an impact on the result - make note of them in your post in the "sim results section" @ MS... - Bigbudah (or myself in his absence) will do his best to consider ALL FACTORS when he makes the ratings - but in the end - KEEP THIS IN PERSPECTIVE... - GOOD NATURED ribbing/smack talk is encouraged to opponents (and especially to me and bigbudah! LOL!) - but don't let these rankings ruin your day (or mine!) LOL!

I encourage all members of the Madden Group to participate in this - we end up playing 2 or 3 SIM games a week (per franchise) - We may as well participate in the official individual ranking system!!!!! - I know some of you play in up to 5 franchises - this could be 15 games a week!!!!

I understand that some of our members do not have access to a CPU/laptop... Make arrangements to sign up for the Madden School SIm Section (declare youself a part of the SIM directory) via the crummy PS3 browser (or use a friends PC, go to the library or starbucks - w/e) - get signed so you are recognized... Than when you play a SIM game vs another member in the directory - send the results (and any other relevent info) to me and bigbudah via PSN message and we will record the results on your behalf - there is a way for every1 to particpate in the rankings!

I am looking forward to the newest dynamic to our SIM gameplay (with a special TY to Madden School and bigbudah) for their part in the creation process - this will be a lot of fun!



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