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Madden 11 Rules

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Madden 11 Rules

Post by GREENERRRR on Sun Jun 19, 2011 10:02 am


1) No single offensive play or same type of play different formation can compose no more than 20% of your play calls... (if u have 50 plays in a game - u cant run the same play more than 10 times in the entire game) - defense has no such restriction
- If a defense is in a BLITZ package - and the Offense throws a standard BLITZ COUNTER PASS (meaning - the QB reads the blitz throws a quick slant, or quick look-in pass (some call it a pro-pass) to an inside releasor (inside releasor is a TE, Flanker, Slotback, Split end, RB, FB) - IN THIS SITUATION THERE IS NO LIMIT TO CALLING THIS PLAY (in regards to repetitive playcalling) - this rule is in place because such plays are dictated by the amount of times the DEFENSE decides to BLITZ and it would be unfair for the OPPONENT TO FORCE A PLAYR INTO BREACHING A RULE...

2) No Goaline Offense - except for short yardage situations (3rd/4th and less than 3 yards) or inside your opponents 10 yard line

3) If u are inside your 50 yard line- U MUST PUNT THE BALL... UNLEES you are behind in the last 5 minutes of the game - the punt restriction is lifted...

4) On extra points or field goals inside 31 yards - u r not allowed to user control block kicks! - there r well establised glitches to block kicks and block kicks rarely occur at this distance - so this will not be permitted

5) No HB direct snaps out of shot-gun formation ... wildcats r permitted!!! but r subject to the 20% play call restriction like every other play

6) QB are PROHIBITED from doing UNREALISTICLY LONG DROP BACKS AND SPRINT OUTS (on pass plays that designed for being thrown from a standard pocket)... A QB cannot drop back farther than 12 yards from the Line of scrimage... The QB cannot move laterally (as a preplanned sprint out) more than 3 yards outside of the pocket in plays that are designed to be thrown from a standard pocket...

note: The lateral movement does not apply to ADHOC QB scrambles...

7) The Inside out Kick Return is BANNED!

Discription of the Iniside Out Kick Return (IOR):
The returner angles away from his called sdeline return for the 1st dozen steps (towards the middle of the field) -THE RETURNER THAN REVERSES HIS FIELD AND RUNS PARALLELL TO THE LINE OF SCRIMAGE to the out-side (sometimes slightly backwards) FOR 6-8 STEPS - for whatever reason the AI of the coverage team - runs with an angle of pursuit to attack his initial first 12 steps (because he does such an abrupt change to his return angle, all the coverage guys are not in place to make a play) This gives sometimes a CLEAR PATH to the end zone - due to the clear breakdown in discipline by the coverage team...

The Only player you can control on a Kick return is the RETURNER

9) Any blitz that tackles the QB b4 an exchange with a RB will be deemed illegal - i understand these sort of blitzes can happen inadvertainly from time to time... each player will be given 8 incidents of this nature without sanction (over a 17 week season)... Episodes beyond 8 will be taxed... the tax will be draft pics (TBD by commish) given to the weekest roster team - this rule allow us to target players who 'gameplan' for this sort of blitz and not penalize a player that does it inadvertainly... IF U TACKLE A QB B4 THE EXCHANGE U ARE REQUIRED TO GO OFFSIDE THE NEXT PLAY (the player will still lose the down but at least he will gain his lost yards back)

10) SQUIB KICKS ARE BANNED – unless it the final 30 seconds of a half...

11) U can only manually move (joystick move) 1 player that rushes the QB - U can shift as many pass rushers u want using the `shift` system with L1 or R1... player that manually move more than 1 player that pass rush the QB, could be tryn to confuse the a.i. of the Offensive Line - so this practice is outlawed!

12) B4 the snap - U cannot move a defensive lineman form his `Line of Scrimage`area - U can shift him using L1 as much as u like - and u can move him manually (with the joystick) - along the `Line of scrimage` - but moving him back - like he is a LB is outlawed... this confuses the a.i. of the offensive lineman and can cause `Nano` blitzes
EXCEPTION: when your opponent is lined up in a punt formation and you suspect that he is Faking the punt (with a run) - u can move him into a better position to make a play on this fake

13) U cannot bring an extra blocker back on punts b4 the snap...

14) U can run the 1-5-5 as much as u want when its 3rd or 4th and 6 yards (or more to a 1st down) - (i.e passing situations) - in addition u can use the 1-5-5 IN 3 OTHER SITUATIONS OUTSIDE OF THE 1 LISTED ABOVE in the entire game...

15) Anytime a player controls a receiver and turns him out of bounds WITH THE INTENTION OF SHAKING THE AI COVERAGE and subsequently catching a pass with that receiver - shall be in breach of SIM rules... the offending player will take a sack on the next play at the previous plays LOS... He will also lose the down for the play - If he gained a 1st down on the illegal reception play - he will give away downs til they are all accounted for...

16) Lg advances every 48 hours - this is refferred to as the playing period (if particpation rate is less than 80% - in this situation an extra 24 hours is granted to play games)


17) If u are away for 32+ consecutive hours - your opponent has the right to request a CPU game (on day 2 after 2pm of the playing period)- u will be temporarily dropped from the lg - so your opponent can play the CPU - this allows a player who is available to play his schduled game to minimize his exposure to potential simulated losses - when u r temporarily dropped u r expected to rejoin ASAP - if this occurs 3 times - your status in the lg will be re-evaluated
note - we will monitoring multiple restarts of CPU games!!! Sure from time to time restarts can be unavoidable (gm freezes, unavoidable emergency that u must attend that inturupts your game ETC) - but if a patern arises (where we notice players restarting CPU gms) - Possible sanctions may arise - this is intended to stop players from restartuing games that they are losing or because they suffer an injury to a KEY player...

18) If you schedule a game - both players r to message commish with the playing time... If your opponet is a `no-show`(after 15 minutes of the agreed time) - message the commish explaining he isnt around (this is time stamped)- he will not be able to send a the commish a message béc he is not there - the commish will award you a CPU game right than or when he come online

19) You are not allowed to play the a CPU gm unless u have the commish's permission... WE RUN AT FULL CAPACITY ALL THE TIME (with a managed wait list)! if u r facing a CPU player - your opponent has likely been dropped TEMPORARILY under the 32 hour rule (rule 17) or the scheduled game rule (He will be rejoining shortly)... If that player has been booted or quit for some other reason - HE WILL BE REPLACED QUICKLY (from our established wait list system)

20)All trades must be posted on lg website

21) if you trade a draft pic and fail to attend the rookie draft and honour the trade - your trading partner has the choice of voiding the trade or taking the player that was drafted in that slot and receiving the same draft pic in the following rookie draft - BOTTOM LINE HONOUR YOUR TRADED DRAFT PIC DEALS!

22) Trade deadline is week 12

23) no player is allowed to do more than 8 transactions in a row - this tactic is used to hide suspicous trades on the transaction history screen - also it is a "fishing" tactic guys ue to find the potential of free agents - either situation is unacceptable - hence the rule

24) when the lg is advanced you are to message your opponent - tell him when u plan on being online or respond to his message that he has sent to you

25) Do not run up the score unnecessarily - (accumulating stats for your rookies is not a valid reason to run the score up on a weaker opponent - PLAY NICE! and DONT BE A STAT SLUT!)

26) Do not quit your game - it is acceptable to concede the game - but to do so - u must message your opponent and inform him u would like to concede - if he accepts this - u are allowed to quit

27) If your opponent breaks any rule - save the footage in the pst game recap - hilight vault - tell the commish of the incident and post the footage of your opponent breaking rules on the lg website - ALL CHEATERS WILL BE EXPOSED

28) when a player challenges a play - DO NOT HIT ANY BUTTTONS - let the the replays play through - pushn X causes the replay challenge to fail

29) If a player INADVERTAINLY loses a connection in the game:

- If he was behind and wishes to restart the game - his opponent has the right (BUT NOT THE OBLIGATION) to restart the game... He can insist the game be continued with the same scoring differential and with the time clock in the same position or he can concede the game and allow his opponent to finish the game vs the CPU and complete the EZ win.... Use your judgement - if the game is out of reach - finish vs the CPU - If the game is contestable restart BUT BE SURE TO AGREE ON THE PARAMETERS B4 YOU EXIT THE CPU GAME!

- If he was ahead - his opponent DOESNT HAVE TO RESTORE SCORING DIFFERENTIALS AND THE TIMECLOCK (but would advise that it to be ethical to offer to do so)... If the score differential is greater than 10 - I would suggest that half the score be reawarded to the player (This will give a player a penalty for a "bad" connection and still his opponent (who did no wrong) interested in the game!)... If the player is up less than 10 points - score differentials and times should be re-established...

30)You must ALWAYS rush at least 2 defenders. D-Lineman in "contain" are considered rushers. If you want to spy, you still need 2 rushers.

31)You MAY NOT line up RBs/TEs in any WR depth chart spot above wr#5. The top 4 spots MUST be WRs. This is to avoid the play screen problems. Those that wish to split out TEs and RBs may do so using motion.

32) Home Team has choice of Jerseys, Away team must wear white if home chooses dark and vice versa

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