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LEAGUE drops player for calling out commish's BS!!!

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LEAGUE drops player for calling out commish's BS!!!

Post by GREENERRRR on Fri Jun 17, 2011 1:00 pm

Thats right folks just like the title of the post says... I continued to speak the 100% tTRUTH ABOUT THE SPAS and he bounced me from his league - i put up with his BS for months because every has their right to an opinion - i even let hm use these baords (which i control) to SPEW his RETORECT... - I EVEN TOOK HIS IDIOTIC INSULTS WITHOUT SENSORING HIM because thats what the way it should be in a public forum...

but whats he do???? bounces me from his league all because i didnt agree wit his BS - (if you want a deatail summary of his BS - just look at the post titled MG removes CANCER...) I played every single 1 of his games in his league - followed all the BS lame rules that the Governing COuncil came up with (which will be soon revised now that we have the GC members who worked against progress gone...) There was no reason for him to bounce me from that LG other than I HURT HIS FEELLINGS! and I was a voice of resonableness (standing p for the "new guys" he planned to screw over for madden 12...)

Actually he does have personal gain by bouncing me - Other than the "revenge factor" for calling him out on his crap... i beat him of in our 2 divisional games we had - he was still 2 games behind - if he leaves my squad as a CPU team or puts a scrub in my slot HE MAY ACTUALLY MAKE THE PLAYOFFS FOR THE 1ST TIME EVER!!!!

Funny how i took all his BS for months - granted i gave it back to him - but i would never dream of putting personal "fellings" ahead of who should be in my LG and should not - DIFFERENCES OF OPINIONS ARE NEEDED - even his warped sense of ENTITLMENT HE HAS FOR HIM AND HIS FRIENDS - as distatseful as that is - he has his right to his beliefs - It shows his true character - I didnt break any of his LG rules he bounced me b/c i held him accountable for his actions... I told him to pack up his LG and leave the MG (hell i even gave him all the time he needed too)... Anyone can see this who has read these threads over the past months that this guy is a self serving jerk..

THIS WILL BE THE LAST THREAD WRITTEN ABOUT THIS SPAS - i eyeballed their new site the other day (TOTAL MEMBERSHIP MADE UP OF THE aim CHAT AND THE GUYS SHANE FORCED TO JOIN AS A REQUIREENT TO PLAY IN HIS lg) - and they have dozens of posts written and mentioning me - it seems him and his idiot buddies have nothing better to talk about - unlike here, we have too many mistakes to correct by the past GC and plans to for the future - no more effort will be made to reflect on this jerk - I WOULNT WALK ACROSS TE STREET TO PEE IN HIS HAIR IF IT WAS ON FIRE - I AM CERTAINLY NOT GONNA MAKE THE EFFORT TO TYPE ANY KEY STROKES TO KEEP REFFERENCING WHY THE GUY IS SUCH A TOOL! (besides its a never ending job - nobody could have the stamina to keep up with that task!)

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