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Lions Pre-Draft Trade Block

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Lions Pre-Draft Trade Block

Post by Delmas26 on Mon Apr 18, 2011 3:44 pm

QB: Josh Freeman, I'd let him go for the right combination of picks/players....

RB: Ryan Grant/Joey Carver - Decent players...Grant's a short yardage beast....

WR: Donnie Avery 95+Speed, Real Solid, Id also trade Randall Wheeler 71overall 93speed

Any of my O-Line, I got 5-6 guys who are over 80overall and still under 30....

TE: Nash (But he'll be hard to get), Scheffler, Heath Miller (Both are solid guys, can be had cheaply)

DL:Tommie Harris 81overall

LB: Paul Poszlusny 91 overall

CB: Josh Wilson 93speed, Chris Houston, Pac Man Jones, Alphonso Smith (Would like nice draft picks for my corners)

Safety: Martwon Baldwin 92-93speed, 82overall B Potential....Real Solid

Note: Im looking to stock pile picks...once again...so anyone interested...thats my first concern...but that doesnt mean thats all I want...Players is a big must...too...

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