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The Hit Stick has LESS of an impact in Madden 11

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The Hit Stick has LESS of an impact in Madden 11

Post by GREENERRRR on Tue Jul 13, 2010 7:10 pm

This is the rumour that is going around... AND I HOPE ITS TRUE! - LAst years version - it just became ridiculous - some players were using the HIT-STICK every tackle - AND IN MY VIEW THIS IS totally unrealistic... tHE HIT STICK IS USED TO DEMONSTRATE THE BIG HIT! and its difficult to make a big hit in the NFL - you see a handful of Big hits all game! So when players were using it on every tackle (last season) - it became ubsurd...

So i am hopeful that they will make the hit stick less available this year - perhaps make it more difficult to use - and if you fail to use it correctly, A SEVERE BONUS should be given to the ball carrier (like a mistackle) - afterall, in the NFL if you misjudge a BIG HIT than a Ballcarrier of any skill should be able to run past you - EA sports motto is "its in the game" - i HOPE IN THIS CASE THE MOTTO IS TRUE!
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