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Some HELP from the GROUP

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Some HELP from the GROUP

Post by GREENERRRR on Thu Jul 29, 2010 4:08 pm

Recruiting new LEGIT / ACTIVE players to the MAdden Group is key to our LONG TERM SUCCESS... The more Online Franchise we have - the more appealing we are to other great SIM players who are LEGIT and ACTIVE (who will ultimately help us be even more successful) - ITS A VICIOUS CIRCLE!!!

In addition there is a natural attrition of players in every franchise - and new LEGIT / ACTIVE players are needed to fill this spot...

I do most of my recruiting on the EA sports MAdden Forum... Its most effective to have your post on the 1st 1 or 2 pages of the forum... Recently they have warned me about "bumping" my recruitment post... I am asking every1 to help me keep this post on the top 2 pages - without giving an "obvious" bump to do this!!!

If you can write a brief message explaining hopw you enjoyed our group, or explaining how we manage a great SIM group etc - THAT WOULD HELP IMMESNLY! it would provide a legitimate "bump" to the message and the testimonial will attract other LEGIT and ACTIVE players...

I plan on expanding a similar recruitment strategy to other message boards i will let you know when these post are made...

You can access the EA sports post i was rewffering with the link below:

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