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Post by GREENERRRR on Mon Sep 06, 2010 6:00 am

I see a lot of new names to our Madden Group... And i have ceased all ACTIVE forms of promoting the Madden Group on other websites - so that says to me that most of the NEW JOINERS are REFFERALS from current membewrs - WHCIH IS FANTASTIC - if we are running a franchise good enough for some1 to reccommend us to a friend - WE HAVE TO BE SOING SOMETHING RIGHT!!!!

The reason for this post is to ENSURE THAT ALL MEMBERS KNOW AND RESPECT OUR TRIED AND PROOVEN UNIVERSAL SIM RULES... we call them UNIVERSAL b/c our rules are the same across ALL of the FRANCHISES in the madden GROUP - (the avg Madden Group member plays in 3 of our Online Franchises) - UNIVERSAL RULES makes it EZ - you only have to learn 1 set of RULES across all the franchises u play in the group... We call them SIM because our rules are in place to help promote SIM play.... they are always evolving to make our game as close to SIM as possible - and we welcome all input (GOOD, BAD and UGLY) regarding our rules in the Governiong Council section (this is the group that makes decision regarding RULES)...

With the large number of new players - I WANT TO MAKE SURE EVERY1 TAKES THE THE TIME TO KNOW THE RULES... we have 27 of them currently - probably more next week after our meeting - Go to the Universal Rules Section (link provided below) - copy the RULES - open a blank word file - and paste the RULES there - THAN PRINT THEM OFF AND PLACE THEM NEAR YOUR PS3 - this wiull be the best move you can make in this franchise... if some1 is doing something that u think is suspicous in a game - u can easily refer to your HARD COPY of the rules and POLITELY INFORM THEM OF THEIR TRANSGRESSION... conversely if a player ACCUSES OF BREACHING A RULE - u can quickly look it up (to make sure he is actually right) and than take corrective action... I am certain their will be a steep learning period INITIALLY - but after warning are issued - the punishhment for breaking RULES is increased in severity...

Remeber if your oppoennt breaks any of rules - U HAVE TO PROOVE IT - afterall every1 is INNOCENT TIL PROOVEN GUILTY... prooving transgresions is EZ - after the game go to the game RECAP screen - find the hilight of the play in question (best to note the time of the infraction in the game - makes finding it in the REPLAY VAULT easier) - save the appropriate highlight (generally the wide angle booth camera angle is the best - but experiment till u have the best vanatge point) - than upload these hi-lights to your EA profile and inform the commish of the situattion and give him the link to your EA profile... ITS REALLY THAT SIMPLE - pls note making accusations w/o proof will go no where - evidence is ALWAYS REQUIRED!!!

iF YOU GUYS HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS ON ANYTHING - do not hesitate to call on the commishes or myself - we are here to make this franchise a success - and we want you to be 100% comfortable in this newest franchise!

This is the Link directly to our UNIVERSAL SIM RULES (pls copy,paste and print as suggested):

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