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Here is a thought - Maybe the SHOW will be like COD???

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Here is a thought - Maybe the SHOW will be like COD???

Post by GREENERRRR on Mon Feb 21, 2011 1:12 pm

There was worry that COD would cause LGs to fail in the MG...

The truth of the matter is that we had a NET INCREASE IN MEMBERSHIP from COD! We lost a couple members - and some scaled back their committment ot the MG - BUT we got even more HUGELY DEDICATED members that seen their LGs totally destroyed by COD - They flocked to us b/c we had the size and where-with-all to survive the COD EFFECT - so on a net basis - the MG got more players and certainly more commited/better qualtity player than thoise whop left...

It is possible - if handled correctly - with the right promotion and recruitment leading up to the MLB the SHOW release - the MG could create a similar situation with SHOW!!!!

i am certain thre are lot of die hard Madden members that wil be looking for a home after the release of the SHOW (they will lose a bunch of guys - have no support system to replace these players) - but the die hardguys will still wanna play madden!!!!

lets turn a negative into a positive and go after these players! I will do my part - but certainly will be more effective with "confirmation posts" to the promotional threads i star - I have asked for this sort of help in the past - and with the exception of FF, DW, bigmullet, surf and CHZ (and all done on seperate instances to varying degress) not a single person made the effort to make supporting posts (despite me asking fo r this help directly and providing links to the threads on the other boards)... - but every1 seems pretty eager and willing to make posts complaining about this that and everything else!!! Why not make a positive post - and help the MG out a bit?
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Re: Here is a thought - Maybe the SHOW will be like COD???

Post by DEN_24 on Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:11 pm

totaly agree that everyone is quick to complain, but none are to eager to help remedy the situation... fact of the matter is, new games come out every week... be it the show, madden or even COD... some guys play certain games that others dont... but the thing we all have in common on this site is MADDEN, so we should focus on that and that alone... let the other games be talked about on other forums... now as far as losing players goes, i dont see why that should happen... but the sad reality is... IT WILL... it always does, and i think this comes down to one thing... LACK OF COMMITTMENT - now with a few small exceptions, guys that quit a league or franchise, should have never joined it to begin with... if you commit to anything in life, ur supposed to stick to it... if you dont, that says alot about you, not only as a gamer, but as a person in general... like when madden came out and guys were all quick at hoping on the "franchise train" lol they knew damn well COD would be out in a couple months... so if they knew theyd quit the franchise, why even join to begin with ? cuz guys like to draft, thats why... well guess what... guys dont like to play with the team you drafted and left for dead when your favorite game came out... so i think everyone should do themselves a favor when maden 12 comes out... IF YOU KNOW YOU WONT BE ABLE TO COMMIT TO 10 FULL SEASONS, THEN DONT APPLY... i ran a succesfull league on the show last year, and the guys that droppoed out without a really good reason (such as ps3 breaking, internet problems... or one guy even had a kid) which are totally understandable reasons... as for anyone else... well they will not be let back in this year, and i think thats the same mentality you guys should take with the bums that mess up great leagues like vistas (which i was in btw... as a replacement... and i fully intended on finishing wtv was left of that franchise) just dont let em back in... you dont need em... ive always been a quality over quantity kinda guy, but thats just me i guess... and well on another note, i just recently got into COD (kinda late i know lol) and ive been growing tired of madden, but i commited to the leagues im in... i made a promise to the guys that run these leagues, as well as a promise to the guys that are in them... and thats a promise i intend to keep... just wish more guys had the same way of thinkin about things lol

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