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Raven's Trade block (2/9)

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Raven's Trade block (2/9)

Post by Shlarman on Wed Feb 09, 2011 11:15 pm

I just took over this team so I am looking to move around some pieces. However, I'm not just selling off everyone on the team so please pose legit offers, although i am willing to listen and haggle offers back and forth. Send me a psn or PM if you are interested

I'm mostly interested in getting younger and will package older veterans and players in order to aquire younger studs. Would really like a fast HB, CBs, or LBs

These are the highlights of people I am openly shopping but we can discuss any player

Logan Mankins LG 96 RBS 90 RBF
Mike Iupati LG 99 RBS 89 RBF
Aukeem Tigner LT 94 RBS A pot
Phil Loadholt RT 99RBS 89RBF
Mark Tauscher RT 91RBS 82 RBF

Aaron Scott- is on the block but he is going to be expensive to get
Lee Evans

Champ Bailey- I know he is getting old but he will still be one of the top CBs for at least another year so he won't be super cheap
Justin King 95 spd 83 MCV

Mike Peterson


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Re: Raven's Trade block (2/9)

Post by Delmas26 on Thu Feb 10, 2011 8:05 pm

I'd be interested in Iupati and some of the other lineman...

as well as Champ Bailey...

get at me Shlarman

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