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Post by Deathwish22 on Tue Aug 31, 2010 8:33 am

Yo bros...the Deathwish Franchise will be drafting tonight (Tuesday 8/31/10) @ 9:00 PM EASTERN. If you are still interested in joining please respond to this post and be online tonight (Tuesday 8/31/10) 1 hour before our draft starts (8:00 PM EASTERN)...if we have any no shows that are unaccounted for...you will be the first in line to take their place. Last chance to get in one of the best franchises on this forum!!!! As of right now I already know we will probably have at least 1 guy to replace who doesn't know if he will get off work in time and said that if he doesn't get off in time to replace him. Please respond to this post with your PSN NAME and any other contact info that would be helpful to get ahold of you and sign on @ 8:00 PM EASTERN tonight. Thanx you bros!

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