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Browns Need a Replacement Owner in MG Surf

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Browns Need a Replacement Owner in MG Surf

Post by surfnturf90 on Thu Jan 27, 2011 3:05 am

Vista decided to cut back on the number of leagues he was in, so I'm looking for a replacement owner for the Cleveland Browns. Week 4 of season 2, they have a 2-1 record.

Some of their players:
Frank Gore, 95 ovr
Jermaine Gresham, 83 ovr
Golden Tate, 76 ovr
Lamarr Woodley, 90 ovr
Jerraud Powers, 89 ovr
Brandon Mebane, 88 ovr
Keith Rivers, 88 ovr
T.J. Ward, 86 ovr
Joe Haden, 85 ovr


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Re: Browns Need a Replacement Owner in MG Surf

Post by phantomshark on Thu Jan 27, 2011 3:15 am

You, Robert, qb, 76
Gonzalez, Brandon, qb, 74
Brohm, Brian, qb, 68
Gore, Frank, hb, 95
Ringer, Javon, hb, 76
Hopkins, Sean, hb, 69
Felton, Jerome, fb, 78
Edelman, Julian, wr, 82
Shipley, Jordan, wr, 79
Tate, Golden, wr, 76
Decker, Eric, wr, 74
Cooper, Riley, wr, 70
Gresham, Jermaine, TE, 83
Boss, Kevin, te, 80
Myers, Brandon, te, 72
Penn, Donald, lt, 83
Hills, Tony, lt, 74
Levitre, Andy, lg, 85
Richard, Jamey, lg, 74
Faine, Jeff, c, 83
Vallos, Steve, c, 76
Wood, Eric, RG, 85
Robinson, Duke, rg, 73
Britton, Eben, rt, 88
Kropog, Troy, rt, 76
Edwards, Ray, LE, 85
Moore, Kyle, le, 70
Vanden Bosch, Kyle, re, 81
Scroggins, Zach, re, 66
Mebane, Brandon, dt, 88
Edwards, Tramon, dt, 80
Muir, Daniel, dt, 77
Henderson, John, dt, 76
Woodley, Lamarr, LOLB, 90
Gatewood, Curtis, lolb, 62
Williams, Demorrio, mlb, 75
Allen, Russell, mlb, 72
Wire, Coy, mlb, 63
Rivers, Keith, ROLB, 88
Joeckel, Jonathan, rolb, 78
Herring, Will, rolb, 66
Powers, Jerraud, cb, 89
Haden, Joe, CB, 85
Cox, Derek, cb, 84
Gay, William, cb, 72
Mcmanis, Sherrick, cb, 70
Mcbath, Darcel, fs, 80
Pugh, Jordan, fs, 71
Ward, T.J., ss, 86
Asante, Larry, ss, 72
Hauschka, Steven, k, 64
Mesko, Zoltan, p, 82

Full roster, if it helps.


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