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Divisional Sweep in Sight

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Divisional Sweep in Sight

Post by falconfansince81 on Sat Jan 08, 2011 5:55 pm

i'd have to give me entire defense the gameball this week as they created 3 brett favre sack fumbles (1 recovered in the endzone for a TD) and 4 int's, a couple which were errand passes possibly caused by a shook up qb. the texans brought in robert you in the 4th qtr who showed a lot more poise, but the colts able to make a goaline stand pinned down on their own 3 so secure a 30-17 win over division rival houston. coach FF pulls ahead in the coaching rivalry 4-3 over CP but needs to focus more on playoff success.

with 2 divisional wins off the arguably best coach in the league, indy needs to set their sites on sweeping the division with 3 upcoming games vs coach bjcole and vista...two equally matched opponents. it won't be easy, but a potential shot at a first round bye could really help catapult the colts deep into the playoffs with a shot at the title. i have a feeling me and coach CP haven't played our last game of the season, but with a new defensive playbook creating a little less predictability in the colts' schemes, there is much confidence on the defensive side of the ball.

offensively, ryan grant was benched in the 2nd quarter after coughing up the ball not once, but twice...something not tolerated vs a coach of CP's caliper. james davis stepped in and did his part to the secure the ball and sustain drives while anquan boldin filled his usual role as a clutch receiver, hauling in a 20 yard 3rd and 10 slant on the final drive to propel the colts into victory formation, leaving them at 7-0 on the season and growing more confident in hopes of winning a lombardi in what many consider the toughest franchise around.
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