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chizz522 in chedahs LG...

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chizz522 in chedahs LG...

Post by phantomshark on Sat Jan 01, 2011 5:17 pm

On offense:

Runs a bit, and fairly effectively, but mainly only to set up the pass. In the passing game he has 3 main weapons, Roddy White, Vernon Davis, and Rashard Mendenhall. He'll send all 3 on deep routes, crossing routes, and flat routes. Also, he moves well with Young. The most effective way I found to play him was to lock my #1 CB on White, my #2 CB on Davis, and play man, putting my DEs in outside contain (I have Freeney and Mathis though, so they had the speed to go into contain and still get pressure) and put my MLB into QB spy. He still got away for a couple of runs, but mostly I was able to hold him in check and get a couple of sacks. Once he got used to the scheme, switching to zone for a play or 2 seemed to confuse him a bit.

On defense:

Is very good at getting pressure up the middle, I found myself having to move immediately on the snap or risk a quick sack. Inside runs are almost hopeless, off-tackle worked some, and pitches were effective as long as I immediately cut them in and didn't try to get around the corner (once or twice the corner was available, but after that he had someone waiting). I did draft fast O-Line, so they were doing a pretty good job of getting out in front. Pass defense he seemed to be playing a fair amount of zone, so the screens and flats weren't often available. Streaks worked as long as I threw them immediately after they passed the first defender, a couple of times I waited too long and they were picked. Crossing routes seemed to work best, but watch out for him taking control of a defender where you are heading with the route and shutting it down. All in all he did a good job of mixing it up, need to try and outguess him.

Overall he is a very good player. It's like a chess game trying to decide what he's going to do and countering it. I look forward to playing him again, I got lucky to come away with the victory in this one.


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Re: chizz522 in chedahs LG...

Post by Ace1129 on Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:15 pm

It was a gg. It took 6 times to finally finish one though.,... Lag cost me the game but i wont talk shit... you won the game thats all there is to it. Week 17 should be a good game


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