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Dropped Games in all Leagues

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Dropped Games in all Leagues

Post by jerseydevil321 on Fri Dec 31, 2010 7:46 pm

Hello Friends,

I have heard several stories of dropped games within the past two weeks or so. The madden servers have gotten a lot worse within these past two weeks, and I myself have been one of these people that have suffered. In EZ's league, I lost a game with iDALLAS4, a little over a week ago, a game was dropped with me and Greener. This is really starting to get frustrating, especially for those of you that are winning by a vast margain, and then restarting another game gives your opponent a fresh start!!! Last night, I was in a game with FR8TrainShane and we had lost the connection, BUT WE COULD STILL HEAR EACH OTHER!!!!! It obviously shows the connection was fine, but the madden servers detected something that really had no purpose of changing the quality of the game. These dropped games are really starting to get on my nerves, and I'm sure the same applies to you if you've had this problem. Feel free to post your experiences with this problem and a possible means of a permanent solution!!! Thanks guys! And have a Happy New Year!!!!


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Re: Dropped Games in all Leagues

Post by falconfansince81 on Fri Dec 31, 2010 8:04 pm

it was 10x worse before the patch, you used to have to go unranked 1st or 90% of the time you would get dropped. seems like the servers are at it again, i haven't had it happen as much as before but i do notice the connection quality and server quality is just straight awful. ea packs way too many games on little bandwidth and its full of constant lag and d/c issues...in my recent gm kicking a field goal was simply out of the question as it was almost impossible just to get a kickoff in bounds. i've had better connections on a 56k modem...
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