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reroute to remain

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reroute to remain

Post by falconfansince81 on Fri Dec 31, 2010 4:34 am

in a quote and a song from one of my favorite bands it summed up my struggles this game as well as this season (i was actually listening to this tune during the 3rd quarter)...

"It started as a whisper
Now try to dodge this roar
Unified, the most forceful way to go"

an epic battle of defense in a lag filled tsunami truly tested the colts' young secondary and they prevailed triumphantly. cole has a great defense, a nasty blitz package and a beautiful way of disguising zone coverage. i don't know if it was the rain, but everything was tight coverage...aside from a minimalistic running game that bailed me out on my last drive and a few key user picks this game could have gone either way. look for cole to be in the hunt for an afc title in the near future, this guy has mad skill to the utmost sim level which i admirably respect win or lose. i look forward to our rematch in the dome where it will be west coast vs west coast, and hopefully lag free...i haven't had a defensive battle like this in awhile so rest up jax...our next game should be just as intense.
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