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1st NON-draft Online Franchise available to join now!

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1st NON-draft Online Franchise available to join now!

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 19, 2010 4:51 pm

Last year we were exclusively a fantasy draft group - but many members indicated that they would like to play in NON-DRAFT Online Franchises as well... considering this - Cantbbeat83 is running our 1st NON-DRAFT Franchise - andf its off to a tremendous start (congradulations to him!)- within 8 hours we had 7 members signed up (2 of which are brand new to our group - welcome aboard ivan18 and fhpt317)...

Our group fundemental principle is FAIRNESS - with this in mind, I have developed a lottery system that is (exclusively used by our group - which i developed in MLB the SHOW - glad something good came form this years MLB the SHOW season! LOL!)....

Principals of Team selection process for NON-DRAFT Online franchises:

We are not going to allow the 1st player who HAPPENS to make a post have the highest rated team (or even worse - a commish who builds an Online franchise so that he and his friends can have the best teams!) - the only fair and resonable way to run such a LG is through a lottery system ...

You can join a NON Draft Online Franchise in 2 ways:

1st way to join: You can enter the top 12 team lottery (u have 3 of the top 12 teams listed in priority - this means you have 3 chances to be selected) - we base the lottery on these selections - If you fail to be selected via the lottery, you can have a kicker team and if nobody from option 2 has selected that team - you can have that team...

The second way to join: is a direct selection of the teams rated 13-32 - This form of entering is 1st come 1st serve (on confirmation that u are a SIM, LEGIT and ACTIVE player)...

- In the end you will have a choice - you can enter a NON DRAFT Online Franchise and gamble on getting a top 10 team or play it safe and select an available team rated 13-32... THIS IS THE MOST EQUITABLE WAY OF DECIDING WHO PLAYS WITH WHAT TEAM AROUND,,,

If you are interested in more specific details of this lottery system or want to join this Online Franchise - go to Online Franchises Currently Accepting Members or click the link below...



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