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Week 1 vs Bills (Ace)

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Week 1 vs Bills (Ace)

Post by Shlarman on Thu Dec 23, 2010 8:48 pm

Well like we feared the new defense gave up 2 very quick scores to roddy white putting the bills up 14-3. However we knew our game plan had always been to hope to win the turnover war and that will keep us in the game and in the second half the team started to live up to expectations forcing a pick 6 in addition to another turnover. This allowed the dolphins to go into halftime with a 20-14. The 2nd half there was another huge interception by shields on the goal line to stop the bills from scoring. However the Bills defense held strong in the 4th quarter while the dolphins seemed to forget who was on the field. (madden refused to ever show me White or Washington in order to put CBs on them) So at certain points we would have huge mismatches with FS's on key players. However it stayed a close game with a last second FG putting the Bills up 31-29 for the win.

I would say this was a very good game except that madden wouldn't let me assign coverages and I personally allowed the long pass to put the bills in FG range at the end by grabbing the wrong player and leaving a receiver wide open in my man coverage. Also, this was a tough match up for my defense since Young was able to scramble around a lot of my blitzes and picked up 63 yards on the ground. Hopefully, We will have another good game later in the season and I can figure out how to better play a 3-4 defense since this is my first game trying to use one.

Player Highlights

Clausen - 22/29 for 287 yards and 1 TD
Best - 17 Rush for 86 yards and 1 TD, 6 Rec for 53 yards
Tate - 3 Rec for 53 yards
Hernandez 6 Rec for 103 yards and a TD

Wade - 1 INT for TD, 3 Tkls
Huff, Byrd, Shields - 1 INT

Game Ball
Jonathan Wade - for 1 INT for TD, 3 Tkls and for making me not hate my team after 2 quick long TDs


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Re: Week 1 vs Bills (Ace)

Post by Vista3131 on Fri Dec 24, 2010 5:36 pm

Sounds like a excellent game anytime it is down to the wire win or lose It is fun!


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