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Bigmullet Eagles

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Bigmullet Eagles

Post by dtigertron on Thu Aug 19, 2010 9:31 pm

dtigertron's Lions survived Bigmullet and A.P. (7-6) because Bigmullet missed an extra point as well as 3 field goals. I missed 2 field goals and barley made my extra point. Hopefully EA will have a fix for these kicks soon, or sim or not I am not going to want to put my kicker on the field. I punted once or twice in long FG situations. I kept AP in check most of the game (90 yards on 21 carries), his long was a 19 yard touchdown that he ran around 5 of my backups cause 1 went down for multiple weeks and a few others were down for game. Lions club house is starting to feel more like an outpatient clinic. Stafford of the Eagles went 5 of 13 for 102 yards and a pic. I mixed up D in a new playbook (new for me) that I am trying. My receivers never got behind his defenders, however I don't have a lot of speed on offense. He seemed to play mostly zone, but was still able to slow my running game. I haven't exactly had a huge game running in 11 any way, so that might be on me. I was able to cover his guys in man or zone when he did pass.

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