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cowboys camp week 4

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cowboys camp week 4

Post by bigbuddah on Fri Dec 10, 2010 5:00 pm

live from arlington and cowboys stadium the cowboys off the field in a barn burner against division rival washington redskins. the redskins come into the this game 3-0 and with the youngest team in the league (probably). a big rookie draft allowed the skins to get young, fast and better. cowboys stadiums always provides an excellent atmosphere and both teams fed off of it. there was no momentum changes because the crowd wouldnt allow it. being as this is a divisional game both teams played very hard and the crowd was grateful. both teams had a non-offensive td. both teams ran the ball very well. both teams threw the ball very well. big plays although majority for the redskins were bountiful. both offenses were playing very well. cowboys had 482 yards of total offense ( 106 rushing, 376 passing) and the redskins had 355 total yards of offense (142 rushing, 213 yards passing). game 2 of this series should be even better.

alright....havent done this in a while so forgive me. this is the first time i have played surfnturf and i must admit he is a lil better than i imagined. i wondered how the rookies he drafted would play and they played very well. his 2nd year rb carver (9 carries 109 yards 1 td) was looking like LT in his prime and jus tore me up. this game had everything u needed for a game of madden. had 1 int return, a kickoff return, a long 3 broken tackle 50+ yrd run and phantom catches that shouldnt had happened. i would say that we both had our clover leaf in our pockets. his short passing offense primarily with to his TE who had 6 catches. with the west coast offense i was super duper surprised that his backs didnt have more catches they only had 4. his offense had more crossing routes than i probably has ever seen. that made playing man coverage impossible. zone coverage slows his offense down to were u can contain it but he is still moving the ball. if i could contain the running game a little bit better then i think the scores wouldnt had been so high for him. defensively, besides some broken tackles, i feel my players made plays. my defense was knocking balls down, being in position to make the tackle and actually had 3 interceptions.

i felt like i could score whenever i wanted to. my passing game was on point. romo had 20 comp 33 att for 384 yards 2 td 1 int. i threw the ball a little more than i wanted but javid best still had 17 carries (17 carries for 95 yards). the score dictated me to throw the ball a little more because it was so close. i couldnt take the risk to punt the ball when his offense is very non risky. i dont remember my defense having 3 picks i only remember 2. my safety picked off a hb screen and he threw a throw away pass deep before the half by terrance newman that ment nothing. i had to alot of offense because i had no big plays. 33 pass attempts and 17 rush attempts not counting a few from my 2 back up rb's. thats alot of plays alot of potential for big plays and alot of potential for things to go wrong. i really cant play offense any better than that i did in this game honestly. i went up field most the game and avg at least if not more that 10 yards per play. my wrs had big numbers. ochocinco 5 catches 82 yards 1 td. devin thomas 4 catches 104 yards. sim-walker 4 cathces 65 yards. i didnt play it safe when i had the lead especially late in the game.

idk how to feel about that win. it was 41-35 (i think) i coulda scored late in the game but he didnt take any time outs to stop the clock so i took knees on his 3 yardline. i dont kno if i should be happy because i felt like the game shouldnt had been that close. looking at his defense and looking at my offense i figured i would have a good day. i did, in fact, but my defense jus.....AAAAAHHHHHHH...idk. they did a good job i mean they even had a 3 play stretch where they covered all his wrs and my slow defensive line got 3 sacks (think it was 3 maybe 3 and a tipped pass but thought it was 3). i jus dont see how he was able to score 35 points on me and it is frustrating because how am i suppose to play in the superbowl and win it if all i have is offense. i dont try kick returns becuase i dont like to maybe fumble or be called for IOR. i havent had a big play non-offensively in a long time. this was my first pick 6 all season and javid best hasnt went off yet (that i can remember...maybe he did) hahaha none less. if i cut out his 2 big plays maybe he still scores 7...idk...guess i cant play no better than that lol.


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Re: cowboys camp week 4

Post by surfnturf90 on Fri Dec 10, 2010 5:51 pm

yeah great game man, your WR's were tearing me up and catching right over my cb's, making em look foolish ha. Looking forward to the rematch, hopefully I can get some stops this time.


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