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bigmullet in DW L...

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bigmullet in DW L...

Post by Icebreaker009 on Thu Nov 11, 2010 2:19 am

First off good game bigmullet it was a fun sim game. Now to the report

Offense: he runs a lot, and I mean a lot he will hand it off to cj even with 25 seconds left in the half or during his final drive of the game. I did a good job of containing cj to only 82 yards and not allowing him to break the big one. When he passes the ball he looks for quick short routes to his te or in wr trip he will dump it off to one of the wr. Also be aware of his qb Austin who has enough speed to run for some good yards.

Defense: CAPATALIZE ON EVERY DRIVE!!! He takes very long drives on offense I only got the ball on offense 3 times! Fortunatly I scored touchdowns on my drives, but if I would have turned it over or had to punt it probably would have cost the game because you just won't see the ball again. Rushing worked very well there were gaps up the middle quite often for Leon wahington. He plays a ton of zone as well so just be patient before you hit your wr.

Once again good game mullet, and good luck rest of te season.

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