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Online Franchise BASICS - (in a FAQ format)

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Online Franchise BASICS - (in a FAQ format)

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 14, 2010 7:55 am

Online Franchise

Q: What is an online franchise?

Online franchises allow you to join up to 31 of your friends to compete against each other in the same franchise.

Q: How do the online franchises work?

Each user can create or join up to 5 online franchises. Franchises can either be public or private; they can also be protected by a password.

Q: What is a Commissioner and what do they do?

Each online franchise has a commissioner who is given some specific tools, like the ability to remove a gamer from the franchise and advancing a week. A commissioner can also promote another franchise member to the Commissioner status if needed.

Q: Do I have to play with a set schedule?

Yes, online franchises use the official NFL schedule.

Q: What are the playoffs?

The NFL playoffs commence once the regular season has been completed. 6 teams in each conference make the playoffs. The top 2 division winners receive first round BYES. The higher seed always plays the lowest seed.

Q: How does the online franchise end?

You can play up to 10 full seasons in online franchise mode.

Q: How does the draft work?

There are two types of drafts with online franchise: Fantasy and Rookie Drafts. Fantasy draft takes place at the very start of your franchise and involves every NFL player in the league. Rookie drafts take place during the off-season and only involve rookies.

Q: What is a Draft Board?

The Draft Board allows you to set up your Draft Board in case you cannot attend the live draft. You can rank each position and each player how you want them. Your draft will be based off of your Draft Board rankings.

Q: How do trades work?

Trades allow for two owners to swap players from their teams. Up to six players are allowed to be traded at a time. You can make trade offers to the CPU teams.

Q: How do I make trades during the first week of the Online Franchise?

To make a trade during the first week, all you and your trade partner have to do is to agree to a trade and release swap. Meaning, you drop player A, the other team drops player B, and then both teams go in and sign the player they want.

Q: I was removed from an online franchise and now can't rejoin it. How come?

Commissioners have the authority to remove owners from franchise. This allows Commissioners to maintain the league how they see fit. Once a Commissioner removes an owner from a franchise, that owner is no longer allowed to rejoin. This prevents Commissioners from having to continually remove owners that are being disruptive in an online franchise.

Q: Can you explain the process for advancing weeks within the Online Franchise?

We've put a one hour limit in between advancing weeks in online franchise. This should not be any kind of issue for people who are looking to play their online franchise games.

Q: How do I invite an owner to a game?

To invite an owner to a game, simply press Start on the Online Franchise HUB.
Leaderboards and User Leveling

Q: What is the difference between the 10 Overall and the All-time leaderboard views?

The 10 Overall leaderboard ranks gamertags solely on their results from 10 games played. The All-time leaderboard ranks gamertags on their entire career because stats are carried over from year-to-year.

Q: What are skill levels, and how do I go up in a level?

Skill level is a numerical representation of your overall skill, and goes from 1 to 99. Your skill level is determined by the number of skill points you have. You earn skill points by beating other players. The more skill points your opponent has, the more you will earn when you win. Likewise, if you play an opponent who is far below your skill level, you will get very few skill points for beating them, if any at all.

Q: Is it possible to lose a skill level?

While it is possible that by losing you can go all the way back to 0 skill points, once you have achieved a certain level, you cannot lose that level. For example, if you earn 600 skill points you will rise to level 2. If you lose all 600 skill points, you will still be at level 2. However, you will need to regain all those points if you want to rise to level 3 and beyond.

Q: How does the ranking formula work?

The ranking formula is based on several factors, including your skill level vs. your opponent’s skill level and the relative strength of your teams. Basically, you receive more skill points for playing opponents who are near or above your skill level and by winning with a weaker team. The higher you go in the rankings, the fewer points you will get for playing newcomers. Instead, in order to progress you will need to play opponents near or above your skill level.


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